Anderson Italian Greyhounds Health Guarantee/Contract

Our kennel has made every effort to provide you with a healthy pet quality puppy.  Each puppy will be as
accurately described as possible, however we cannot guarantee size, color change or the appearance of the
puppy as it matures.  Any known faults will be discussed with the buyer prior to a purchase.  Pictures
forwarded will always be of the puppy you have inquired about.

Any puppy leaving our kennel is guaranteed to be healthy.  A licensed veterinarian has examined your
puppy.  Your puppy has been on a vaccination and de-worming schedule.  A health record will be forwarded to
you for your records.

Your puppy has been properly weaned from it's dam and is being fed a high quality puppy food.  A sample
will be included with your puppy.

Your puppy has been mircochipped for proper identification.  Documentation for registering the microchip
number identifying you as the new owner will be forwarded to you.

We require that you take your new puppy to your veterinarian within 3 business days of its arrival.  This
confirms that your puppy made it to you in good health.  Please forward a copy of this examination to us
within 10 days of receiving your puppy.  We will provide an addressed and stamped envelope.  Failure to do
this will void and nullify this guarantee.

We cannot be responsible for contagious diseases that can be transmitted after leaving our premises.

Each puppy is guaranteed for two years against life-threatening hereditary defects that would make it
unsuitable as a pet.  The buyer understands that minor imperfections and slight genetic defects are not
considered to be life threatening.  Examples would be: undecended testicles, umbilical hernias, under bites or
over bites.

Should this guarantee become applicable, please contact us as soon as possible.  We must receive a signed
statement from a licensed veterinarian.  After confirmation by our veterinarian, we will provide you with a
replacement puppy including shipping.  We reserve the right to make the determination that it is in the best
interest of both parties that you receive a cash refund instead of a replacement puppy.

We will not be responsible for any veterinarian fees unless approved in writing.

This guarantee is valid for the original purchaser only.

In the unlikely event that any legal action should occur, it must take place in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma  

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By signing and returning this contract to us, you are agreeing to these terms.